Try Try Again – Week three of the SAC Songwriting Challenge

Co-writers unite!

This week’s Songwriter’s Association of Canada’s challenge was to collaborate with another Challenge participant to create a song about relationships.  This of course is intended to get everyone more experience with writing with their songwriting peers.    I was very happy to work with the beautiful & talented Bernadette Saquibal.  Although having only met briefly a few times around the musical community, it turned out that we actually have a lot in common. We are both moms, working our butts off to pursue our passions & happen to live in the same city. Sweet. Bernadette Saquibal

Our styles are typically quite different which is the perfect opportunity to learn more being out of your comfort zone.  Bernadette has a very soulful, r&b, pop style with a smooth voice to match. I am more of the black sheep variety who writes – I don’t know, what do you call what I typically write? Anyways,  I enjoy working with artists outside of my normal areas, as I always walk away more knowledgeable and this experience was no different.

Writing, writing, email, dropbox, repeat – oh hell let’s just meet up!

The writing process was definitely different from any other co-write I have experienced. We agreed on a style, then attempted to find examples of this style to base a drum/beat foundation on.  The amazing producer Vago enters the scene.   I ended up writing over-top of this drum beat, which is opposite to my normal pattern.    With the time crunch & us both being super busy moms, it turned out our usual writing/recording hours matched up as the after 10pm variety – so that was handy!

Writing over a drum beat in a super sweaty hotbox of a studio during late hours, in a style not typical for me, really made me question myself at regular sweaty intervals.  I also had two very serious family related emergencies occur the morning of, so felt my head was uncomfortably out of the game.   But as it turns out, I managed to pull from a very deep place to come up with something that wasn’t quite what we originally agreed to write about etc, but ended up being something that we both could work with and relate to.   Upon there, we exchanged input re content, structure and lyrics but realized we should make use of the fact we live in the same beautiful city.  We finally met up and shaved a few hundred emails off the process.   I had a little more of a dirty, hard hitting idea in mind initially and Bernadette’s talents made it into something much more vibe-y, sexy and smooth.   I really enjoyed getting to see this process through and being supported / encouraged to pull something together to merge these two ideas into something we could both be proud of.  Huge shout out to the talented Vago (producer) who brought these ideas to life and put up with two ladies burning candles at both ends.

After all the takes, changes, second guessing, late nights (or super early mornings) it only seemed appropriate to call this one ‘Try Try‘   .  Hope you can feel uplifted, positive & hell, maybe even a little sexy!