The Plan

This week’s instructions were to create a song out of two previously written song ideas, essentially.   This week is the final of four weeks and I wanted to really  just write something exactly the way that I wanted it to be.  It is sometimes fun as a writer to create something that doesn’t take itself too seriously and just have fun – after all, that is one of many reasons why I put in all the time & effort I do – because it is what I love!

Where to start

Well, I immediately thought of a bass line that I initially wrote last SAC challenge for the Matt Dusk pitch and just couldn’t make it come together in time & ended up being pulled in a different direction. It was almost a personal goal of mine to ensure this one worked. I then decided to try to merge that pop-y, fun bass line with a slower more minor based slow song idea I had. I ended up getting inspired by the idea but obviously tweaking it to fit. The end was quite different but I enjoyed merging these two very different concepts into one blend of booty shake.

heather5Obstacles for the plan

This week’s list of obstacles was quite profound so I am very glad I was able to pull it off in time to send to the dream team of Jay Helmus & Matt Sachs who helped with the next stages of instrumentation & production – returning it for final singing redo & tweaks.  Thank you again for ‘getting’ what I was trying to say in my late night strumming & quiet singing, as to not wake the babies.    Some of these set backs were too funny to list and others far too scary to list but included literally getting locked inside my place (door knob broke), car battery dying, hubby out of town for work, a gig with the ska band etc.   BUT with all this, it always just proves that no matter what insanity is happening:  there are NO excuses to not work hard at what you love in order to get things done!

Another summer of crazy times & late night creations – thank you Songwriters Association of Canada and this year’s great mentors!    The song is about a determined woman with a plan!  Know what you want and go out there and get it – life is too short!

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