Selfish Advice – SAC Challenge Week 2

This week’s challenge was to write a song that tells a story.   It should have a story arc, timeline with characters, conflict and resolution.  It was also to have the story drive your song both musically and lyrically.


I tried to think about a subject that could evoke an emotion and be fulfilled by a riff/chorus that could mirror that.  What I came up with was quite simple in regards to chords but I chose that as it sounded more pure and vulnerable to match the story….

Timelines, arcs, conflict & resolution:

a late night text… her friend is fighting with his girlfriend again and wants to come over for a shoulder to cry on and some advice. She of course wants to be with him herself, so can really only give selfish advice.  The conflict is not only with him, but with herself as she struggles to decide if it is the best moment to really  make her ultimate move.  The resolution is left on purpose to be interpreted by the listener but implies it is a pattern that continues to repeat itself.


selfish advice blog photo

The week the biggest challenge was time, and ultimately sleep. Late night recording, kids and work again playing a big role. Throw in the ska band rehearsals and show last night & it was a pretty tight squeeze. It was the first time I was literally falling asleep while trying to cross reference and add files to dropbox etc to send.  I wasn’t sure in the end what I ended up sending and if I missed some. Haha    Luckily enlisting the help of the super talented Matt Sachs & Jay Helmus once again saved my hide.  They continued to work on the days I couldn’t and ended up tying this present up with an amazing bow. I can’t thank them enough!

It was a story that was definitely guided both by the lyrics & music so it was a fun adventure.  After this crazy week, here is the song ‘Selfish Advice’: https://soundcloud.com/heathermeori/heather-meori-selfish-advice-mix2.